About Us

Jambo List Limited was created as a resource to connect Africans owned Businesses with consumers worldwide. Our goal is to create exposure and awareness of what these businesses offer. We bring awareness and enable businesses to compete in the marketplace. Jambo List offers tools that allow consumers to easily identify businesses or service providers they are looking for.

We offer a variety of services to help companies grow and improve their businesses. These services include, but are not limited to: avenues of communication between businesses and consumers, vetted reviews, an online marketplace to display their services, products, events, special offers, and more. Jambolist.com is an easy-to-use search engine for individuals looking to support these businesses. Investing in our communities will strengthen and help grow black wealth.

Vision Statement

To connect African owned businesses with consumers worldwide.We achieve this by providing a platform where businesses can introduce themselves to consumers locally and globally. We have created a search engine that is easy for consumers to find what they are looking for.

Key Services

  • Business expansion consulting
  • Marketing research and competitive landscape
  • Media strategy and planning
  • Multichannel Analysis of sales and revenue lift
  • Intro and exposure to African Market in Diaspora
  • Marketing business to the world Market
  • Developing and maintaining a free African business directory
  • Advertising products and services to Africans living in North America
  • Digital marketing and optimization

What Jambolist Offers Your Business

  • The right growth strategy for growth
  • Good customer experience to build confidence
  • Our deep understanding of industrial companies helps us drive exceptional results for your business.
  • We staff our campaigns with local & professional representatives so you can be confident your business is being
    represented Nationwide.
  • We create visible transformation that positively impacts communities, partners and other stakeholders through sustainable social economic programmes

Benefits of Joining Jambo List

  • The platform allows the opportunity for businesses to introduce themselves and network with each other.
  • Jambo List will market and advertise your business on our search engine through social media and other forms of advertising thereby bringing awareness of your businesses to others.
  • Diaspora people looking to invest in Africa will know the banking and real estate businesses to consult
  • Tourists visiting Africa will know the hospitality industry to patronage and places to visit.
  • Consumers are able to find and locate businesses which they hadn’t known exist
  • Consumers are able to provide feedback such as rating and reviewing of the businesses based on their experiences
  • Allows consumers to make an educated decision on who to do business with based on their reviews
  • Businesses with best customer services will gain trust and find opportunities to grow
  • Businesses are able to build relationships that keep customers loyal
  • Businesses targeting African living in the Diaspora will have a one stop shop to share their product and services.