Ukiira Coffee LLC

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  • Added: August 6, 2023

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An online coffee company in the USA and Kenya that sells speciality roasted coffee, ensuring that each cup is a unique and delicious experience.

The brand name “Ukiira” [oak-era] holds a special meaning for us as it pays homage to our grandfather, the late Ex-Senior Chief Moses Mukira, who was a trailblazer in social capital and pioneered coffee farming in our family. “Ukira” has several meanings “stand” or “arise” or “awaken,” which speaks to our mission of uplifting the voices of the communities that produce coffee in Kenya. We added an extra “i” to “ukira” to create a unique and memorable brand name.

By associating our brand with our grandfather’s legacy, we strive to create a cohesive and consistent message that resonates with our customers and sets us apart in the market.