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  • Business ID: 2691

  • Added: May 6, 2023

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  • Location: 6th floor Belgravia Building at 14 Riverside

  • City: Nairobi

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Turnup.Travel started off as a tour operator for new age travellers but we realized we have the power through our lens, reach and our often-overlooked stories to inspire people, educate our audiences and influence them to consider new destinations.

Through our production arm, Turnup in Motion is comprised of photographers, creators, writers and cinematographers who are young, curious, and unapologetically Kenyan. We create world-class content, care deeply about designing transformational travel experiences, shifting perceptions about lesser-known destinations, and ultimately impacting the culture at a deeper level.

Through Turnup in Motion, Turnup. Travel expanded into the media space by creating a content agency and a vlogumentary series. We see our work as contributing to new knowledge, telling stories in our own way, and disrupting cultural narratives.

We discover new places together, tell our past and future today in a means that’s easily consumed by your audience. We invite you to embark on this unique journey with us by giving us access to your platform and reach as we create modern-day campfires.


Website: www.turnup.travel

Email Address: muthurikinyamu@gmail.com